What my Readers Say

Recently I did something very, very scary. I sent my finished manuscript out into the big wide world to be read by readers aged 6 to 12. The deal was that they had to read it and then provide feedback even if they thought it was boring. I had the pleasure of being inundated by kids wanting to read it. Their parents reported that the kids had taken the process very seriously and were keen to act as reviewers.

Overwhelmingly the response was really positive and the feedback has been super helpful. It will lead me to making a few tweaks to the manuscript but nothing substantial.

Here are some of the comments made by my wonderful readers.

Myles, aged 11 from Caves Beach is a strong reader whose favourites include Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.”

“The scary bits were my favourite.”

“Misheck was my favourite character and Grannie was really funny.”

“I’m excited to read books 2 & 3 now!”

Sam, aged 11 from Mornington Peninsula provided a chapter by chapter breakdown of feedback.

“I thought this book was great. I would definitely read it again and I would also recommend to my friends….”

Sarah, aged 11 from Mornington Peninsula said of Chapter 4 (where the buffalo charges our heroes)…

“I’m glad he made it up [the tree] on time and I think you used great words. I was jumping out of bed!”

Alex, aged 8 from Newtown is a slightly reluctant reader who enjoys books that his Mum reads to him.

“I like how Wes and Misheck are teaching each other.”

“I like how in the end he faced his fears.”

“If this is book 1 I would love to read the rest of your books.”

“I think this book would be good for boys and girls.”

Benji, aged 10 is from Bath in faraway England.

“I would be excited to read book 2 and see where the next adventure is.”

Thanks to all my readers. You have all been a big help. Fingers crossed I can get published and take Wes on more exciting adventures! xx

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