I have lots of story ideas for books. I have several picture books that I am working on and 2 chapter book concepts that have series potential. I have a finished manuscript for one chapter book (Amethyst Adventure) and have begun the second in that series. You will find blurbs about some of these stories below.

In 2019 I had 3 short stories published in the 'Creative Kids Tales Story Anthology Volume 2'. The 3 stories were: 'Sam's Bedtime Scare', 'The Tortoise's Gift' and 'The Truth and Kindness Spell'. I still have some of these books available to sell at $17 per copy plus postage. Email me on if you are interested.

I am also working on an adult fiction novel that I describe as a cross between 'Bridget Jones' Diary' and 'The Exotic Marigold Hotel'. 

These are the very rocks that lead Wes on his first adventure.

My Great Grandfather who was in the Lanarkshire Yeomanry from Scotland and fought in the Sinai during WWI

An Indian chess set I spied on a trip to India

Origin Odysseys - a junior fiction chapter book series, ages 7-11
Book One: Amethyst Adventure:

Wes has a bad day at school. At home his Mum gives him an amethyst rock from South Africa. When Wes takes the amethyst to his room he suddenly feels sick and dizzy. When he opens his eyes he discovers he is no longer in his bedroom at home. At first he thinks he's in Dubbo Zoo but when he runs into a Zulu boy named Misheck he realises that somehow he is in South Africa in 1998. He thinks he is dreaming. 

Wes and Misheck take off together to find Misheck's missing Grandfather. On the way, they have deadly encounters and have to explore dark and forbidding caves in the search for the old man. What other dangers will the boys have to face together? Will they find Grandfather and make it out alive? Will Wes ever make it back to his own time and place? And just how did he get to Africa in the first place?

Amethyst Adventure is a story of friendship, facing challenges and exploring new cultures. There are deadly animals, nasty baddies, a mysterious ability to time travel and a Grannie who may or may not be a little potty, not to mention a Zulu village complete with a witch doctor!

Book 2: The Soldier's Compass

In Book 1 Wes discovered that he had inherited a family trait that enables him to travel in time and place. This special power is triggered when he holds certain objects. He calls it ISP - Imagination Super Power.


When Wes is given an old compass that had belonged to his Great, Great Grandfather he finds himself hurtled into the chaos that was Cairo during WWI. Here Wes meets his Scottish ancestor and befriends Asim and his sister Calista.

What adventures await Wes and his friends in this ancient city at war? Will Wes escape this dangerous ISP experience unscathed? Ancient temples, crazy Scotsmen, Lawrence of Arabia and the Sahara Desert will leave Wes with a new appreciation of ANZAC Day and give him loads of material for his ANZAC school project! 

A Soldier's Compass is a story of family ties, friendship, the chaos of war and an exploration of culture and history.

Book 3: Bombay Stowaway

Wes is encouraged to join the chess club at school by his best friend Troy. When his Grannie hears that he has started playing chess she gifts him an old antique chess set from India. Wes takes it to his room to study the intricately carved pieces and admire the little elephants and horses when his ISP is triggered.

Wes finds himself in Bombay in the early 1920s where he meets his young Great Grandfather, Sammy, in the markets. Sammy is travelling by steamship from Scotland to Australia and is enjoying a stopover in Bombay.

They meet a strange man called Gandhi who teaches them how to play chess and then find themselves embroiled in anti-British riots. Will Sammy get back to the steamship on time? Will Wes get caught as a stowaway? And more importantly, will the lessons Wes learnt from Gandhi help him at the chess tournament when he gets back to school? 

Bombay Stowaway is a story that explores migration, the lessons of Gandhi and the history of the British Raj all wrapped up in a rollicking tale of friendship, family, danger and Indian culture. 

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