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About Me

Experienced | Professional | Flexible


When you work with me I’ll ask you lots of questions. I’ll delve deep into your business and apply my brain to whatever it is you are trying to achieve. I’ll think beyond the words to the objectives, the marketing and the outcomes because that’s how I roll. It comes from being an experienced marketer, publicist and copywriter with a background in arts, entertainment and media.

Words & Ideas

I’ll give you more than just words, I’ll give you ideas too. It’s a fact that Words & Ideas can change the world. I’ll also give you kick-arse blogs, articles, newsletters, websites, scripts, ads and social media posts. Whatever it is you need to write, whatever content you’re after, the chances are I’ll be able to help.


Marketing Expertise

I spent the first half of my career working in senior marketing management within the arts, media and not-for-profit sectors. I’ve worked on brands such as Time Inc. Magazines, Sydney Symphony, Lifeline Australia, ABC Classic FM, Canberra Glassworks and Riverside Theatres.


Professional Copywriting

When I relocated back to my hometown of Newcastle, I underwent a total recalibration of my career goals and a deep dive into what made me tick. I discovered a talent for writing and spent several years studying it for both business and fiction and added to my existing marketing credentials with professional writing expertise. This means that you are getting someone who really knows what she’s doing – a professional copywriter.

In Demand

These days I'm a features writer for InTouch and Your Hunter Valley magazines, I write copy for several Newcastle based agencies and I service clients just like you with copywriting, marketing & publicity.


I don’t over-specialise or niche because I love the variety of my work. One day I can be writing about the Newcastle arts scene for a story in Intouch Magazine or for a client's PR, another day I might be researching hotel trends or real estate statistics and another day could see me interviewing winemakers for an article in Your Hunter Valley Magazine. Whatever your business is, reach out and see if we fit – you’d be surprised at the range of my clientele.


Your Business Partner

When you work with me, I make it my mission to take your comms to the next level. Your success is my success. I’m your short-term business partner and that extra brain you need on your team.

Let's kick your copy into shape – contact me today for a free discussion and a quote.

Happy Clients

Nicki Carrol

"Liane is the true definition of a wordsmith, She took the time to get to know me, learn about my business through thorough research and even more importantly she listened. Liane has the magic touch when it comes to formulating the words to deliver a clear picture of the subject, she is definitely my go to person."

Britten Thompson

"Liane helped me find the voice for our recently launched brand, Catios. Liane's writing, attention to detail, timelines and professionalism was a big help through the stressful period of beginning a new business and her work remains integral to the continued growth and success of Catios!"

Sharyn Fraser

"When I needed to update my website copy to align more with my brand, Liane Morris really stepped up. My brief was tricky, my logo is a lighthouse - I wanted a maritime-related copy, as well as words that I knew would resonate with the clients I want to attract. I've already received great feedback on my new website copy. I highly recommend Liane for creative writing - five stars!"

Green Typewriter
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