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Words & Ideas are what I do best, closely followed by ‘getting stuff done’.


With my background as a senior marketing manager, I am well placed to write meaningful content that will build brands and drive customer engagement for my clients. I’m a professional copywriter and marketing specialist with the academic qualifications to back that up.

I regularly write:













My Services
  • Just Blogs
    A lot of clients have everything but their blogs under control. They don’t have the time, resources or confidence to write regular blogs which are necessary for driving SEO and improving customer engagement. Blogging builds content, improves SEO, drives traffic from social media to your website, increases brand recognition and awareness and will continue to work for you long after you’ve forgotten it. I’ll work with you to research the best topics and put a schedule together to write them on a regular basis. Read why you should be blogging here.
  • Newsletters
    Every business knows that newsletters should be sent regularly but it tends to drop to the bottom of to-do lists. I will work with you to create a regular newsletter so that you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Websites
    One page or a full site, I can write your web copy for you. I’ll work with an SEO specialist to ensure that everything is optimised for Google.
  • Social Media Posts
    I regularly write social media posts for the clients of leading digital agencies. I concentrate on the words so you only have to worry about the graphics and images. I often include social media posts with blogs that I write.
  • Articles
    I write feature articles and cover stories for InTouch Magazine and Your Hunter Valley Magazine every month. If you need an article written for publishing, I can write it for you, edit it or advise you.
  • Advertising
    As an ex-senior marketing manager I’ve written ads for a variety of industries across multiple platforms including radio ads, cinema, magazine ads, social media and press. Need an ad for a local magazine but not sure what words to use? I’ll look at your marketing strategy and objectives and make sure the copy is on target.
  • Flyers & Brochures
    Need a new flyer or brochure in your business but not sure where to start? I’ll talk to you about your objectives, advise on the best course of action and write the copy for you. If you want me to project manage it from start to finish, that can be done too.
  • Scripts
    I’ve written scripts for radio ads, podcast intros and videos. Talk to me about what you need and we’ll come up with something you feel comfortable delivering.
  • Proposals
    Provided you’ve got the information, I can turn it into a proposal for you by crafting the words for maximum impact.
  • eBooks
    Got a chunk of information that you’re dying to turn into an eBook? I’ll work with you to create something you’ll be proud of.
  • Press Releases
    I know how to craft a good press release because I’ve been writing them my whole career, generating publicity in newspapers, tv and radio.
  • Build your Brand & Drive Customer Engagement
    I can make an assessment of your marketing communications strategy and advise on improvements, put a plan in place and execute it for you. This might include creating a schedule for blogs and newsletters, improving social media strategies, creating new marketing materials, overhauling your website or generating publicity.
  • Full Service & Project Management
    I work with a team of freelancers to provide a full service offering that includes graphic design, digital marketing, websites, photography and printers. If you need to hand over a marketing communications project, I’ve got the skill set and contacts to make it happen.
How it works


If you’re interested in working with me, I’ll need to take a brief. The better the brief, the better the work but don’t worry about that because I’ll ask all the questions!


Book in for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what you’re looking for. To read more about what to expect from the copywriting process check out my blog on the subject here.

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Happy Clients

Kristina Bircsak

"Liane Morris is a pleasure to work with. Her vast experience and knowledge helped me find the right format for several documents I required for the promotion of my startup business.
If you are a growing business looking to enter new markets, Liane can help you tailor your message with professionalism and structure."

Sara Knight

"Great communication (as you would expect from a wordsmith), timely delivery and helpful advice. Highly recommend Liane's copywriting services!"

Chrystie Hile

"I've used Liane for my own copywriting and clients as well. Her service is fantastic and she is eager to get things done. She can adapt the style of writing to the client's needs
and knows what is needed and even comes up with creative ideas to make things better. I would highly recommend Liane."

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