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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021


Short answer is YES!

Many businesses today, make the mistake of concentrating all their marketing efforts into social media. Blogging takes a back seat, even though it’s a valuable marketing channel just like social media, and in terms of growing your website traffic, meaningful engagement with your consumers and improving your SEO, blogging wins hands down.

But not just any old blogging. Personal blogs are no longer as popular as they once were, and business blogs need to be full of knowledge. Google is seeking high quality content. You are the expert in your business and sharing your knowledge and skills through blog posts on your site will not only engage your target audience but attract the attention of Google as well. It applies whether you are a lone operator, a small to medium sized business or a large corporate organisation.


1: Blogging builds content and is great for SEO.

Google can see you are providing interesting and varied content for your consumers and will rate you higher than a site with no blogs or regular content updates. Every blog is an additional indexed page on your website which provides an opportunity for your site to be found in searches. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that social media feeds or images on your website is the answer, because Google doesn’t see these feeds or images as content at all.

2: Blogging drives traffic from social media to your website.

You can turn one blog post into several different social media posts which then drive your audience to your website. This is juicy stuff. Once there, you can convert these leads into sales through a specific call to action. This call to action could be a free download so that you can capture your potential customer’s email address. You can use them in social media advertising to attract new customers to your site – not just your followers.

3: Blogging increases brand recognition.

Blogging provides you with an opportunity to position yourself as the expert in your field or industry with topics that appeal to your target market or are useful to your customers. It can be used to test the market with new products or concepts and to build closer relationships for the business by sharing the latest company updates, new staff, new products etc.

4. Blogs last longer.

When you first write a blog and promote it, it should drive traffic (and hopefully leads), boost awareness and improve your SEO rankings but the beauty of blogging is that it will continue to work for you long after you’ve forgotten about it. According to Hubspot*, 90% of their leads come from blog posts written months previously, sometimes years ago -they call them “compounding posts”.

But I don’t have time to write blogs and I don’t feel confident with my writing!

Well, that’s ok. That’s what copywriters are for! Copywriters not only write your content for you, but they’ll help brainstorm the blog subject, interview, research, edit and proofread so that it’s the best it can be. That’s a whole lot of work that you don’t have to do. If you hire a copywriter, it can free you up to do the things in your business that you want to do. And your blog posts can keep attracting new customers without you having to lift a finger.


Liane Morris – Words & Ideas is a copywriter with a marketing background who can provide your business with a blog package to suit your needs. Simply email at or call 0404 881 455 for a free quote.


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