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Blog Topics Made Easy - A Real Life Example

Every business owner knows that blogging is an essential component of digital marketing. In my previous blog post To Blog or Not to Blog? we explored the reasons why it’s a critical element to building your brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. In short, blogging does the following:

  • Blogging builds content and is great for SEO.

  • Blogging drives traffic from social media to your website.

  • Blogging increases brand recognition.

  • Blogs last longer and will continue to work for you long after you have forgotten them.

It’s not always easy though, to know what to write about, what will appeal to your customers and what will make for engaging content. Let’s take a real-world example.

Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle provide building and pest inspection services to all regions of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter. They’ve got a great range of services and a blog page. There are however, only 4 blogs on their blog page and each of them are answering what could be a FAQ. This is a great example of my first tip:

1. Write blogs that answer FAQs.

In this instance, Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle have answered the following questions:

- Do you need a building inspection for a new home?

- How long does a building and pest inspection take?

- What’s the cost of a building inspection in Newcastle or Hunter region?

- What fails a building inspection?

There are lots more FAQs they could answer. Things like, ‘what is the difference between a pre-sale and a pre-purchase inspection?’, ‘what is the most common pest found in the Hunter region?’, ‘what qualifications does a building inspector have?’.

Don’t worry about whether or not blogs like this are particularly exciting. The fact is, that if a consumer is on your website, the chances are that they are interested in your services already. By writing content about frequently asked questions, you are providing them with critical information that they will be appreciative of, as it will save them time and effort in discovering answers.

2. Expand blog content to include associated subjects.

FAQ style blogs are great, but they won’t keep your consumer reading your content for very long. They also probably won’t attract consumers who are yet to be converted. For this style of blog, you need to provide something a little more interesting, something that engages and illuminates. Look for topics that are related to your subject matter. Examples of blog subjects that Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle could explore along these lines are:

- How to Prevent Mould

- Top 10 Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation

- Buyer’s New Home Checklist

- Selling Your Home – Step by Step Guide

When you write blogs like this, be sure to include the product or service that you offer as a small part of the bigger story. In the case of Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle they would provide a short paragraph on their services in each blog eg Mould Inspection Services; Pest and Building Inspection Services and Pre-Sale Inspection Services.

3. Case study and testimonial blog content.

A third type of blog post is the case study and/or testimonial style blog content. This type of post has the benefit of showcasing your product or services in a flattering light with a desired outcome. In the case of Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle they could write blog posts such as:

- A Pre-Sale Inspection Added $50K to My Sale Price

- Pest & Building Report Saves Buyer $50K

- New Home Inspection Report Uncovers Non-Code Building Practices

These blog posts should be authentic. Every business should be on the look out for good stories to tell about their products and services and never be shy about asking happy customers to tell their stories.

If you’re struggling to find topics to write about or need help interviewing a potential case study, the services of a professional copywriter will be worth your while. Talk to me about a quote today (call 0404 881 455 or email

And if you’re looking for pest and building inspection services, check out Ascert Building Inspections Newcastle, located at 130 National Park St Merewether or call 0411 329 304.


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